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"Where are we from?"When my son Peter asked that question, I couldn't answer him. Most of the people who might have known were gone, and I had never thought to ask them about our family's origins and stories when they were able to tell me. Then in 1988, Peter died. I realized how important it was to answer his question, if not for Peter, then for my other children and grandchildren.Thus began a 25-year odyssey to find not only the names of our ancestors, but the stories of their lives. As the journey progressed and my family tree grew, I began to realize that my family’s history reflected the scope of Jewish history for the last 400 years, and that the story of the Krueger and Alexander families was too important to keep hidden in file cabinets. I needed to share it with all the members of my extended family. This website gives me the means to inform our many cousins, children and grandchildren about the people whose lives and experience have shaped their own. I sincerely hope they will gain as much satisfaction as I have in beginning to know the answer to Peter's question, "Where we are from?"

Harvey Krueger

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